Taking paid online surveys, transcribing, becoming a virtual assistant, testing websites, and freelancing are all great examples of ways to make money online.

If 2020 has taught us nothing, it is that you have to be inventive and creative to survive in this modern world. Part of surviving includes thinking of innovative ways to make money. Thanks to the Internet, it is super easy to be innovative and make money online.

Here are the best 5 free ways to make money online:

1.      Take Surveys Online

Get paid for sharing your opinion on brands and products. Tons of survey sites will pay you simply for giving honest feedback about products and items. That’s because the sites provide your answers to marketers who want to know what consumers like you want.

To make money from taking surveys, you need to sign up and fill out a profile questionnaire. Be honest and thorough when filling out the questionnaire because that is how the sites will provide you with surveys that match your interests. Once your profile is complete, you can take surveys, earn points, and cash out.

2.      Transcribe

Transcribing is simply when you type or write out what is being said in an audio recording or video. Many websites offer transcriptionist a way to make money online. This can be a super-easy way to make money from home, especially if you are a fast typer.

3.      Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants perform administrative assistance tasks, such as bookkeeping or appointment setting, all through their computer screen. Many people, especially due to COVID-19, are looking for virtual assistants who know their stuff.

Start making money today by becoming a virtual assistant. Not only will this give you some extra spending cash, but virtual assistant jobs look great on resumes since the skills you need for the task are applicable to other businesses and jobs as well.

4.      Test Websites and Apps

Nothing is worse than when you get on a website or app and it doesn’t function the way it is supposed to. To prevent this from happening, site owners pay to have their sites tested out. You can make money by being one of these website or app testers. Look online at various websites for options. Most sites pay per 20 minutes testing session.

5.      Freelance

Sell your services and talents by becoming a freelancer. Freelancers work for themselves by contracting out their services. Writers, programmers, and musicians often freelance their work to make a little extra money on the side.

You can start your freelancing career by looking on job sites or signing up for freelance sites like Upwork. Like the perk of becoming a virtual assistant, freelancers can put their freelancing opportunities and jobs down on their resume as well.

Final Thoughts

Even though 2020 has been a rough year, it has taught us the importance of creativity and using the resources we have to make the most of things. The Internet is one of the greatest resources of the modern era. It provides us with countless free opportunities to make money, all from home.

Taking paid online surveys, transcribing, becoming a virtual assistant, testing websites, and freelancing are all great examples of ways to make money online.

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